The actions and attitudes that our employees demonstrate daily enable Harney District Hospital (HDH) to continue to achieve its mission of enriching lives through better health. HDH’s values define who we are as an organization, what we stand for, and how we strive to be the healthcare partner of choice for our community.


To enrich lives through better health.


To be the healthcare partner of choice for our community.


Treating others with sensitivity and empathy provides for a healing environment and shows respect for the emotional, spiritual, and physical needs of others. We value team members who care about people and demonstrate this through their words and actions.

Integrity demonstrates our moral and ethical principles and is the foundation where we build our relationships. We value team members who follow through on their commitments and adhere to high moral principles and professional standards of honesty, confidentiality, trust, respect, and transparency.

We take great pride in continually seeking excellence in our performance and the services we provide. We value team members who are willing to embrace change and adopt best practices.

Safety is rooted in our culture because our work involves caring for people who lay their trust in us when they are at their most vulnerable. We value team members who are committed to safety, expect it of their colleagues, and apply safe practices without taking shortcuts.

Strong teams embrace the unique talents of every member, including patients and families. They hold each other accountable and are built on trust, assertive communication, and a focus on results. We value team members who care more about the success of their team than their own individual success.